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winter favorites

hello dear readers!!
With the end of winter right at your door or maybe the beggining i thought i would show you her some of my most used items this winter. I have some of this items for a cuple of years now so i actually had to search a lot to find them. Anyway i hope you enjoy and that i could give you some inspiration on what to buy if winter is just around the coner for

So the first two items are my favorite jackets, they are both from Mango and are both in sale, I`ve been living in these for about four months and believe me they are amazing!
99.99 EUR 49.99 EUR

99.99EUR 49.99 EUR

Next are my two pairs of shoes that my feet thank me for buying. 

One of them everybody knows and i couldn´t help myself i had to buy them and thank god i did cuz they are amazing, they are the Stan Smith adidas and i got mine in green for about 54 EUR since i am a child size

Next are my favorite ever pair of boots, they are from zara and they where 89.99EUR but you can get them in sale right now for 29.99EUR 

Of course i couldn`t do a winter favourites without including some scarves these ones i have been loving just because they really keep me warm and go with everything you just put them one over anything and you are ready to go!
First and above all are my Zara scarves which are my go to on a every day basics.

This next two are also from zara but i don´t really remember how much they cost since i`ve had them for a while now anyways i thought they deserved to be here because a absolutly love them!

And that is the end of my winter favorites. I didn`t included like pants and sweters jus because i don`t really have a favorite exept from my black jeans which everybody knows i`m obsessed with! Anyway i hope you enjoyed this post and tell me what would you like me to right :) 
 Xx B.

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