domingo, 2 de agosto de 2015

the slip-on shoe

hello dear readers, today I will speak (well not talk but writing) about one of the biggest trends that autumn will bring, the slip-on sneakers. It is a must have for all wardrobes!! They can range from basic black to colorful and fun patterns that can match almost all combinations of clothes and styles you can imagine. without further ado here are some of my favorite pairs and i can not wait to put my hands on one or more of these pairs.

The first store I visited was the Zara and I was surprised to see that the child section had these gorgeous shoes and even better was when I saw that the sizes vain until the 39 which is already considered adult size! The advantage of buying in the child section is that the prices are much lower than in the lady section for a pair of identical shoes! Here are my two favorites of the child zara section.

after finding these findings in children section went for a look at the lady section is found these wonderful pairs...



Next stop was the bershka and I can say I was impressed by the amount of shoes that had but not so much for the quality. However managed to find these I think are worth spending money on.


Now this next pair may seem like a risky choice and not the taste of everyone but when I saw them I could not help but fall in love. they are from new look and are absolutely gorgeous !!!


continuing this metal tip style i found these on stradivarious that are more on the basic style but still got that edge that will make your look more fashionable with just a slip-on (see what i did there :b) anyway, beyond that they still come in three different colors: white (my personally favorite), this pastel pink tone and in black.

I hope you enjoyed and let me your comments on what do you think about this trend that is here to stay.
love you all Xx B.

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