sábado, 27 de setembro de 2014

orange lovers*****

hello everybody!!!! As many of you may know the coulor of this fall is orange and i must say that personally i have been loving this coulor so much, i think it goes just right with every style you might have and with every occasion. Either on a piece of clothing, accessories or even in your make up it just looks perfect! I`ve found some items i thought i would share with you!

This two jackets are quite similar but i loved them so much that i had to put both of them here.


Here are some bluses that i liked...



Topshop 59.00EUR
forever21 14.95EUR

now into make up i absulutly love orange lipsticks so this are my favorites:

mac neonorange-16$
mac lady danger-16$

topshop-coral 10EUR

kiko-smartlipstick 907orange-3.90EUR
Topshop orangered 10EUR
so this is it i hope you liked it,  also there were so many things that i loved but i only picked my favorites. Let me know which orange items are your favorites and which ones you won`t stop using this fall. Xx Bea <3

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